Face detector and confidence value

Face detector and confidence value


I'm trying to measure the performance of the face detector (ROC curve) but I notice that the confidence field of the PXCFaceAnalysis::Detection::Data structure is not very informative: it's always set between 0.93 and 0.99. Has anyone noticed this behavior? I used the Pointing'04 dataset (various head poses) to do the test (with SDK version 7383).



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This is true. Since our output score is for a real face, the score is big between 0.93-0.99. If it is a rejected false face, the score will be a low value but this is not returned. We did not enable the capability to output scores for false faces at this point. We may be enabling this in the future.

Thanks, will keep you posted.

in real time face detection the change of value should be a big change because for any system that works on real time

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