Should we send our camera back now?

Should we send our camera back now?

Hi everyone,

I borrowed a camera for phase 1 of the competition, 60 days I think the loan was for.

I was lucky enough to win a prize for phase 1 and will almost certainly be participating in phase 2, surly I should not send my camera back ony to borrow another one at a later date(if intel are still doing the loan program)?

I will send it back of course unless someone from intel tells me it's ok to keep hold until I make a decision about phase 2 participation. Some official response would be welcomed, or if you could point me to any information on this I may have missed, thanks.



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I've asked our marketing folks to get in touch with you.

- chuck

First of all,  congratulations on being one of the winners in Contest 1!     If you planning on submitting an entry for Contest 2,  feel free to keep the camera for developing your submission in that phase of the challenge.

Great joel. Thanks for information, I was thinking same when we had to submit camera back to intel. Ofcourse we will be parcipating in round 2 as well, so I guess we can keep camera for phase 2 as well.

Thanks joel, looking forward to the next stage of the competition:) 

Hello Joel,

I am a 2nd place winner with my entries in phase1. I had applied for the cam at the start of the contest but did not receive any response. Later on receiving the winner mail I again asked for the cam so I could work with depth data. I had to submit my first phase entries using just a VGA webcam.

It's been almost a month now since I applied for the cam but I have had no response, after sending three reminder mails. I urgently need to work with depth data for phase 2 of the contest. I would really appreciate if someone would get back to me on this, so I could get the loaner cam at the earliest.


Hi Kurosh, sorry about your exprience.   We had an agency working on the camera delivery so your request came in between the phase 1 and phase 2 contests when they were not shipping cameras anymore.  unfortunately we do not have any cameras to loan at this moment.  But te Phase 2 contest has just launched and cameras will be loaned to the selected finalists (about 750 worldwide).   Then the finalists will have about 7 weeks to build their application demos.   What I would suggest is to submit your idea proposal for an application demo in this Phase 2 contest.    If the proposal is good then it will be selected as one of many, many finalists in this contest.

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