New PerC Demo

New PerC Demo


for those of you interested, I worked few weeks ago on a demo for Perceptual Computing. The demo consist of piloting an aircraft in a 3d world. I attach the executable with this post.

The zip file contains the game but also a pdf file named "instructions.pdf" with all the informations needed to pilot the aircraft.

If someone want the source code of the whole project, feel free to contact me at

You can also see the project presentation video on

When the video was made, the controls were not as accurate as what they are today.



Downloadapplication/zip demo-perc.zip15.42 MB
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Salut Cédric,

Excellent work, but the development duration surprised me ^^

Hi thank you !

Well basically, the 4 hours were for the models integration, collision detection and dealing with the controls (3 different axis).

But indeed, it took me more than 4 hours for the whole thing:

  • I worked on the accuraty of the controls because the first version was not good enough as we can see on the video
  • I created the aircraft that you can use in the demo (under Blender and I did not know a lot about this software before)
  • I also created the ring and the arrow that you can see on the video

So the 4 hours is just for the controls that you see on the video, for collision detection and for 3d models integration. I must also notice that I already used Unity but the SDK too both in C++ and C#.

Here is the new video. It shows better smooth motion controls.


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