using Intel Creative Camera without PerC SDK

using Intel Creative Camera without PerC SDK

How can I get RGB image and depth map from the sensor Intel Creative Camera without PerC SDK?
Perhaps there is a specification of USB communication protocol between the camera and the PC in the public domain?

Thanks in advance!

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BelBES - you want to look at the sample camera_uvmap.  It is just 150 lines of code and it gives you all the image data from the camera - RGB, IR Map, UV Map, and depth.  It could not be simpler.

Bob Davies

Thaks! I saw this example. I mean, i want to get the RGB and Depth Map as a float array without using the Perceptual SDK.

The SoftKinetic DepthSense SDK is compatible - but not verified or supported - with the PerC Camera.  In other words it should work, but if it doesn't you are on your own and won't get support from either Intel or SoftKinetic.  This SDK allows control of the camera at the C++ level for raw depth map and image only (no middleware, no gesture, etc.) and it comes with the DepthSense Viewer that displays the raw depth and 2D imager output.  The driver is free and can be downloaded from


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