Perceptual Computing Challenge Phase 2 -- now open for entries!

Perceptual Computing Challenge Phase 2 -- now open for entries!

We’d like to invite you all to participate in the second phase of the Million-Dollar Intel® Perceptual Computing Challenge.

In addition to wanting to see more use of gesture, voice, and facial recognition in today’s software,  we’re also looking for big ideas that will change the way people interact with their PCs.   With a grand-prize of $100,000 USD and thousands of dollars more in prizing available in 4 different categories, this not one to miss.    You may also become an ambassador for Intel® Perceptual Computing, participate in industry events like GDC, and avail of opportunities to polish your demo and market it as an sample application -- just for showing off your all-star talent.

Think you’ve got what it takes to inspire others and ignite the computing market with an innovative new concept?  You’ve got six weeks (up to June 17) to submit ideas for games, productivity tools, user interfaces, and innovative uses of the Perceptual Computing SDK. If your idea is outstanding it will be selected by the panel of judges to progress into round two, where you’ll receive an interactive gesture camera in order to turn the idea into reality.

Here are more details about the rules and prizes, as well as a link to see who won in the first phase of the competition:

Good luck!

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I am a resident of India and I am doing my graduation In the US. I am on a F1 visa.

What country should I mention while registration? I registered and metioned the country as United States. What can be done now?

I am from France and the Register form do not accept the France choice from the Combobox. I had to choose USA ... but now, how do I change my country ?


Hi Sarang,

Thanks for the follow-up. If you submit an entry you need to use your legal country of residence and not the country that you currently at,  especially if you are doing studies are on a student visa

Hello there,

I do not see Ireland (Republic of Ireland) in the list of countries but I see UK, Spain and other European countries. I'm in Ireland. Is there any chance of including Ireland in the ist of countries?


Hi every body,

in the gesture render.cpp file you can explain to me the utility of the two structures skeletons and skeletonLines.


Going to the second phase must mean the camera will be back in stock soon, right?

@javier.  Unfortunately,  we were not able to include Ireland and other countries in the second phase of the contest.   Each country has its own set of rules and regulations for contests.   We had to devote some significant amount of legal resources to qualify the sixteen (16) countries that are included in this year's contest.    But we will keep on expanding that list to include more countries in upcoming contests. 

@ Bob.   If you join the contest and submit an app demo idea that is selected as one of the 750 finalists,  you will receive the Creative camera.   

Can someone from Intel confirm that the deadline of the submission phase has been extended, or it's just a bug on the website?

Just recently, it's been updated from 17th of June to: 

  • Share your plans to develop your application and submit by July 1, 2013 to be considered by the judges.

Is this correct and official?

Yes, it is official news. 

Due to user-feedback regarding technical difficulties submitting entries, the idea submission deadline has been extend to July 1. What does that mean for you? 

 If you have submitted one or more ideas, you can still submit even more for more opportunities to show off your creativity and talent to the judge! 

 If you haven't submitted an idea yet, don't miss out! Download the SDK, register, and submit by July 1 for your chance to win.

this URL is not working.
I wish to know more about the camera loan.
If I am selected into the 750 finalist, and I have submitted a prototype implementation.
Does it means I can keep the camera forever?

there is a g in "challenge" where it shouldnt be.

fixed link:

May I use my prototype to participate in the 2nd phase, if it is winner of the 1st?

Yes, you can.   But you have to follow the process and submit an idea proposal first before July 1st (U.S. PST).    Your fellow developers will be submitting ideas too and we will pick only the top 750 ideas to proceed to the application development phase.    

David, can you fix the website / clarify the early submission and profile form prizes, since the PDF says:

While the website says:
CHECKPOINT: Want an extra chance to win $10,000 USD? Press the "CHECKPOINT!" button below to submit your Prototype Profile Form early! You can submit the form early by July 31! 10 Finalists will win! You can still edit this form after submitting to the checkpoint.

EARLY SUBMISSION INCENTIVE: One more chance to win EVEN MORE. Submit your application and completed form by August 20th to be considered for one of TEN $10,000 USD prizes in the early submission pool. Once you press SUBMIT you will no longer be able to edit your entry. Good luck!

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