Creative Camera Calibration Tool(this has been included in R4 release)

Creative Camera Calibration Tool(this has been included in R4 release)

Problem Description: Misalignment in the UV map and color image with earlier versions of the Creative camera developer kits. The misaligned UV map significantly affects the quality of background removal feature. This uvmap misalignment or projection offset issue is not seen with the new version of the camera.

Fix: An SDK calibration tool has been used to overcome this issue. The tool is a short-term solution to compensate certain camera offset mapping depth to color coordinates. This is a developer tool only. For end users, the cameras are calibrated during the manufacturing process. The tool is attached to this post. By downloading this package, you accept the Intel Perceptual Computing SDK EULA (in the package). Ensure a clean install of Intel(R) Perceptual Computing SDK 2013 R3 on your system from Please refer to the documentation in the package for further info on the use of the tool.

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Are you planning to release the source for the calibration tool as it would be very interesiting to see how you got such a high res colour image streaming cleanly with a 320/240 depthmap

We currently do not have any plan to release the code of calibration tool. The high res color image and depth image are from the camera. 


I'm trying to use the calibration tool with no success. 
When i use the tool i can calibrate it and i do save. (got a message that says it saves the data into a Registration key) , but when i use the camera in my app it ignores the clibration i saved.

What should i try to do ?


Have you followed the calibrate manual step by step? Have you checked the saved data in the registration key?

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