Gesture sometime switch from Left to Right hand and Else..

Gesture sometime switch from Left to Right hand and Else..


I have some code:

gesture.QueryNodeData(0, PXCMGesture.GeoNode.Label.LABEL_BODY_HAND_LEFT , nodes[0]);

with  nodes[0][6] and draw rectange or circle then sometime it switch to Right Hand I don't know sure it issue. But when i use one hand Left work ok, but i use both hand Left + Right sometime it switch to Right hand and with LABEL_BODY_HAND_RIGHT it also the same problem and sometime it lost target i must use Right Hand or both hand then i get target again. Anyone know this problem?

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Currently PerC SDK can not distinguish left hand or right hand. 

yes, this tripped me up when doing the c# helper library.

The SDK recognises Primary hand input and Secondary hand input.  which ever hand is up first becomes primary.

if you look at the enum for geonode.label, all becomes clear.

however if you need to work out left and right hand it would be very easy to do from looking at the characteristics of the geonode data.  bascially use the thumb node to determine which hand you are 'seeing', not 100% acurate but should work well enough.

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