openframeworks QueryNodeData ofxPCSDK

openframeworks QueryNodeData ofxPCSDK

I would like to use the NodeData inside my openframeworks project. I added the funtion "update" as shown below but the command window only prints out 'mNode.positionImage.x=0 mNode.positionImage.y=0 mNode.positionWorld.z=0'

Can someone please show me how to get x,y,z coordinates for all fingers inside ofxPCSDK?

void testApp::update(){

int nFingersDetected = 0;
for(int i=0;i<NFINGERS;++i){
fingers[i].bExists =pp.QueryGesture()->QueryNodeData(0, fingers[i].geoLabel, &mNode);

if(fingers[i].bExists ) {

cout<< "mNode.positionImage.x= " << mNode.positionImage.x << " mNode.positionImage.y=" << mNode.positionImage.y << " mNode.positionWorld.z=" <<mNode.positionWorld.z<<endl;

nFingersDetected ++;

fingers[i].pos.set(mNode.positionImage.x, mNode.positionImage.y, mNode.positionWorld.z);


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Please looked at our sample code @C:\Program Files (x86)\Intel\PCSDK\framework\openFrameworks\ofxPCSDK\example\src, make sure you did pp.EnableGesture(); under setup. 

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