Deadline for returning camera?

Deadline for returning camera?

Hello dev camp,

I was selected as a finalist but unfortunately i was unable to work with the sdk and  the camera and due to which i coudnt make the app.
As it was stated that atleast the people who submit the demo will be able to keep the camera and since i dont have one should i be returning it ??
If yes then when is the last date to return ??

Thanks in advance 

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Hi, thanks for the question. Users have 60 days to return the camera if they will not be submitting their application.

Remember you have until September 23, 2013 to submit your entry and keep the camera for the final comp.  Only the early submission date has passes

The last date to submit was on 23 ryt??
andif i dispatch it by tommorow will there be a problem?? 

Hi David,

As i have asked above can i submit the camera now as i did not submit my entry
please reply ASAP  

Please send email to and they will be happy to answer such question. Thanks!

Hope i am not troubling you but there is no response from them despite my repeated request mails

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