The Perceptual Computing SDK 2013 R4 has been released.

The Perceptual Computing SDK 2013 R4 has been released.

The Perceptual Computing Production Release 4 is available for download! There are lots new improvement in this release.

• Integration of DA Vocon Engine for Command And Control, with 32 bit and 64 bit support.
• Calibration Tool and the corresponding capture module changes for addressing the Camera Projection offset/uvmap issue
• Documentation for Nuance Voice Recognition BKMs
• Bug Fixes

Please report any question in this thread regarding our latest R4 release.

Thanks and Enjoy!

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Thank you,
Does this include the fix with voice recognition and gesture recognition not working when they're both enabled bug? 

Wezley, this fix has been included in R4. Thanks, David

David, I'm seeming to be having a problem with all of the samples and my programs. Ever since I installed R4 every time I try to run either a sample or one of my own programs for the camera it gives me a "Failed to create an SDK session." error. I did a full uninstall (Uninstalled DepthSenseSDK, Dragon Assistant, Camera drivers, ect.), and reinstalled everything. The install was successful but it's still giving me the same "Failed to create an SDK session." As you could image this is a little fustrating and any help is greatly appreciated. I've also tried on two separate cameras. Another thing I have tried was taking the sources of each thing and recompiling yet no avail with the problem. I'm running on an Intel64 bit processor that meets the requirements for the SDK (It was working perfectly fine until I installed R4), and I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate. Thank you!

Is Perceptual Computing Production Release 4  available for download in offline mode....??

Wezley, sorry to hear this bad news from you. This R4 release will block session creation on CPUs with unsupported instruction sets. It seems your CPU has unsupported instruction sets. What the exact CPU model do you have? Thanks, David

David thanks for the support. The exact cpu I have is an AMD A8 cpu/apu which was running everything just fine I do understand that the sdk only supports i3-i7, but is there any way I can be provided an R3 offline installer in the mean time so I can at least finish the challenge (which Ive come 2 months in to development of my application which is coming a long greatly) It wouldnt make sense to get in the 90% of being finished with my application only to have to forefit due to an unsupported processor which Im just now finding it will no longer be supported. Thank you, and Ill be sure to upgrade CPU's when I can afford a new one.

Wezley, are you sure R3 works for you? Here is the link for R3, Please let me know if you have any question. Thanks, David

Yes, Every revision upto 4 has worked flawless for me. Which kinda hit me when Rivision 4 did not. All of the features work for the AMD A8-3600M APU. Which came standard in the laptop I'm using to develop with. The laptop is only a year old which strikes me as odd that the cpu has unsuported instruction sets. If you guys could add support for a wider range of processors in the future (If that's even possible). That'd be great. Thank you for the quick support, and I'm very excited to submit my application and months of hard work. Although I am wondering if my application being compiled and tested under a R3 PCSDK will work the same with the R4 PCSDK. 


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Does this release have inbuilt methods or mechanism for tracking facial expression like winks, smiles, etc? These features were removed in R3.

No, we have pulled out facial expression feature since R3.We have plan to add similar feature in the future. See detail in

I echo Wezley's comments. R3 works fine for me on AMD platforms (which my main development machine contains) but R4 is not supported at all. This makes it impossible for me to develop and test perceptual computing apps using the latest SDK and I find it unfortunate that non-Intel compatibility was removed with the latest release.  

Like Wezley asked previously: Is R4 backwards compatible with R3 when run on Intel chipsets, so at least submitted apps for the competition developed using R3 can be tested by the judges who use R4?  I and others must continue developing using R3 due to the incompatibility of R4, but it is not worth it if such apps will not run on the test machines that use R4.

P.S., I use an AMD Phenom II X6 1100T 3.6 GHz, which is incompatible with R4 but works flawlessly on R3.

Yes, you can develop your application under R3 release. As we mentioned before. "Contest participants can develop and submit their application demo using any version of the Perceptual Computing SDK. You will not be judged based on the version of the SDK you choose to use, but you may find some helpful bug fixes or new functionality in the newest release."

Since PerC SDK has been released. Please use R5 thread to report any PerC issue. Thanks!

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