Java interface - missing some key capabilities

Java interface - missing some key capabilities

In the java interface, there is no onAlert mechanism. Therefore, in finger detection process, the software has no way to detect if the user has indeed moved his hand away. As a result, even after the user has moved his hand away, the PXCUPipeline continues to deliver finger tip coordinates, the software continues to show finger-tip-dots on the screen. That confuses the user.

Is there some way we can discuss/connect/exchange this and some other java-interface related issues with someone at Intel working on the JNI ?

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Unfortunately this has been discussed in the the forum previously & the short answer is that your best bet is to switch to C#.

Simon J & friends have put together a nice little sample project that makes more sense than most of the C# documentation.

Good luck!

Actually, you can expose this function by following what we did for other functions. We also encourage developers to contribute. You can find the source code under C:\Program Files (x86)\Intel\PCSDK\framework\common\pxcupipeline-jni Thanks, David

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