Face recognition on Stored video

Face recognition on Stored video


I am trying to write one sample for face recognition on stored video but it is not working for me. I have also checked sample application (face_tracking.cs_vs2010-12) with playback mode but no hope. Internally UtilMCaptureFile throws NullReferenceException. 

capture = new UtilMCaptureFile(session, form.GetPlaybackFile(), false);

It is also not working with simple pipeline. Let me know if this works for anyone else. Or am i missing something. My stored file extension is MP4. I have downloaded one video from youtube.

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The video format stored by PerC SDK is different with MP4. You can not use PerC SDK application to play MP4 file.

Ok, So i need to process on only PerC captured videos only. But when i am trying to store PerC video it's size is very high even for 5-10 minutes. If i am storing PerC videos into my computer it exceed to >500 MBs. Any solution to optimize size of the captured images ? 

Amit, the video file is pretty big. Typically we only use this file for debug/demo purpose. You can use face recognition on store video(this can be MP4, MP2....), but you need convert to PXCImage format before you can use our face recognition algorithm. I recommend you take a look at face recognition sample and you will find the solution. 

Hi David,

Thanks for your response. 

It would be great if you can provide some sample.

Regards - Amit Gajjar

Hi David,

Can you give me any sample code to convert Bitmap image into PXCMImage ? i have checked face recognization algorithm but couldnt find any fruitfull. I am looking for code in C#. I can convert PXCMImage into Bitmap but do not have idea about oppisite.

I need some help with this too, There doesn't seem to be a way. Can you shed some light on this matter please?

Thank you!

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