Face recognition on multiple images

Face recognition on multiple images

I am having a strange issue.  I have multiple .bmp images stored that I want to iterate through and create and store the models for.  I have attached a sample VS2012 solution.  In the solution Images folder are three images all marked as content. 

Set a breakpoint in the file FaceRecognitionPipeline at line 108 to make it easier to walk through looking at the statuses that each call to the SDK returns.

The issues can be seen in the following scenarios:

- For each image mark the image as 'Copy If Newer' and all other images as 'Do not copy'.  Clean the solution, run and all will work as expected.  The first image will detect one face, the second image will not detect any faces and the third image will detect two faces.  The second image doesn't detect any faces (I assume) because the image is really small 150x99.

- Mark the first image and the second image as 'Copy if newer' and the third as 'Do not copy'.  The first image is processed fine.  The second finds faces (even though when you process this image alone it doesn't find any) but then returns PXCM_STATUS_ITEM_UNAVAILABLE for the call to faceRecognizer.CreateModel.

- Mark the second and third images as 'Copy if newer' and the first image as 'Do not copy'.  The second image does not detect any faces as expected but when it processes the third image it also does not detect any faces even though when processed alone the second image finds two faces.

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Robins, I would like to help you figure out this issue. However, the attached zip file seems not a valid zip file. Could you upload it again? Thanks!

Here you go.  Thank you.  Well I tried anyway.  I got this message when I tried to upload again.

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Here's the zip file.  trying again


Downloadapplication/zip pcsdkconsole.zip4.33 MB

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