Gesture Viewer: "green" vs "red" geonodes

Gesture Viewer: "green" vs "red" geonodes

Can someone give me details on the difference between the GeoNodes colored in green vs. those in red in the Gesture Viewer project?:

I've looked at the code and I can't figure out what the value "j" that decides the choice of colors really represents.  I'd appreciate it if you could give an answer that would help me decide how to utilize them in a pattern recognition module I am creating to recognize custom gestures using the GeoNodes array.

-- roschler

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if I understood you correctly, it's simply a color-coded indication of the primary hand and the secondary hand. nothing else.

@SMing That doesn't match what I see in the gesture viewer.  If I show both hands to the camera I see red & green nodes on both hands.

-- roschler

Green are following

1, 5 fingertips including thumb, index, middle, ring and pinky

2, Hand_left/right

3, Wrist_left/right


You can get detail info @

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