My Camera Doest Work Now

My Camera Doest Work Now


Since yesterday i cant use my camera at all. When i plug the camera it show the red light(on the right LED) once and then nothing at all.

Please help to fix it. im only use this camera in normal condition. never drop it.

Thanks :D

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Have you tried plugging in to a different USB port?  How is it identified in the device manager? 


 I have been same you, after unplug, shutdown computer after restart, plugin and it worked normal.

daflippers -> i did. But nothing changes.

dev T -> i did that too. but exacly the same.

Yesterday i tried my camera on my friend laptop and its worked.
i dont know whats wrong with mine. i already tried reinstalling the plugin and changing the port but nothing.

Sould i reinstall the windows??? 

The camera looks good since you have tried in other machines. It looks like your windows system got corrupted and can not recognize the camera. 

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