Odd bug just occurred for no reason

Odd bug just occurred for no reason

For some reason the video stream capture max size is now 160x120, it use to be 480x320. I dont know why it suddenly reduced down. I tried running the old binaries and they capture just fine (640x480) however rebuilding the sample projects locally and running it, results in the 160x120 image size. This bug will make it quite impossible for me to finish. I've tried restarting but it still captures at the small size. Any ideas?

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I have indentified the a critical factor in this bug.

in the function 

void UtilCapture::FindBestProfile(std::vector<PXCCapture::VideoStream::DataDesc*> &vinputs, std::list<PXCCapture::VideoStream::ProfileInfo> &profiles, int vstream)

It scans through the profiles to find the best match but the formats now do not match exactly, as before? Either way the format it wants is COLOR_FORMAT_YUY2 but the profiles state the format it supports is COLOR_FORMAT_NV12, not an exact match. Then it defaults to the first match which is the low res 160x120 version. I just made it loose match and it picks the highest resoutlion format. Either way if others have this same problem that is where the bug lies. Good Luck!

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