Wierd behavior with Unity GUI and PCSDK

Wierd behavior with Unity GUI and PCSDK


I'm facing a very wierd problem here. I'm trying to make a markerless Augmented Reality application using Unity3d and PCSDK. For this, I'm using Face Tracking and Hand Tracking. I'm trying to apply the camera image to a guiTexture to make it as the background and augment this image with objects in the foreground. As far as editor is concerned, everything works perfect and as expected. But when I build the application, the new built application doesn't show the camera view on the guiTexture on the background. It doesn't show the camera image at all. Same happens when I use GUI.DrawTexture().

However, as weird as it sounds, the same implementation works when I apply the camera image to a renderer material of any 3d object (like a plane, cube. etc.). It shows the camera texture even in the newly built executable.

Is there something I'm missing out, or is this a known error, or is there a workaround? I'd be grateful if someone here can help me out.

Reference Images:

Executable screenshot:

Editor Screenshot.

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I'm having the same problem ... look here :

looks like we will have to wait a future release ... i'm doing my things on the editor and hopping it is fixed soon 

Ah. Too bad. Thanks for the heads-up though. I was stuck to a wall since the last few days.

@Moderators: Any update on this issue?



Are you using the trial version? It only has 30-day trail period for the PRO features.

No, I'm using Unity PRO.

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