Unable to initialize the PXCUPipeline (hellounity and my app)

Unable to initialize the PXCUPipeline (hellounity and my app)

Hi Guys,

After setting up the app look/feel/basic interaction structure, I'm finally ready to implement the new SDK. I was using an older one, which was working okay (Beta 2).

I integrated the sample code from the ImagePlayback.cs code example as a starting point (replacing the sample code I'd been using from the Beta 2 SDK). However, upon running it, I get no response from the camera-related functions in my app, and a console message:

Unable to initialize the PXCUPipeline

As a test, I opened the hellounity example project and ran it and I am receiving the same error (After Unity upgraded the project):

Unable to initialize the PXCUPipeline

I originally tried it from inside the framework folder, and then copied the project to my desktop and tried again (pursuant to an article I read that suggested it could be a read/write permissions issue). Same error both times.

The camera works fine -- I'm able to use the Capture Viewer and capture RGB/audio from the camera.

Possibly related: When I try running the "SDK Information Viewer" tool, it gives me an error saying that DepthSensePlugins.dll is missing from my computer, try reinstalling. However, in the SDK Information window, it shows DepthSense 325 for 32 and 64 bit installed. (I've attached my SDK information file)

I've installed the latest version of the SDK (intel_pc_sdk_websetup_9870) -- this is the one that's giving me the error.

I'm using Unity Pro, so it's not a lack of plugin support that's at fault.

Help! The deadline looms!



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What kinds CPU do you have? You need have 2nd/3rd/4th gen Intel CPU to use latest PerC SDK.

I have a Core i7-2600K CPU. I have no idea what generation that is.

Looking around the googles, I'm finding references to the Sandy Bridge i7-2600k being 2nd Generation. So I don't think the error is related to that. Any other ideas?

(FYI I'd hope that a requirement as specific as that would be somewhere on the site that's more obvious. Or perhaps the SDK could check and let us know if our computer's not compatible. Also maybe using "Xnd Generation" isn't the best way to specify. That info might be obvious to someone working at Intel, but it's not something that shows up in the System panel in Windows... or, more importantly, on the Intel page for the processor. There's no discussion of "Generation" on http://ark.intel.com/products/52214)

Thanks, Seth

I posted a followup but it seems to have disappeared.

As far as I can tell, the Core i7-2600k is a 2nd Gen. CPU, so that doesn't seem to be the cause of the problem.

What else could it be?

Thanks, Seth

Because you are using pretty old PerC SDK version. Please uninstall the Beta 2 version and reinstall latest version again. Run SDK_INFO(advanced mode) and provide me the sdk_info. Please also send the installation log file to me. The log file is in  %TEMP%/micl_tmp_<USERNAME>, you can use echo %TEMP% under command console to find the path. Thanks.

It turns out it wasn't the beta SDK after all. Although the computer I was using IS a "2nd Gen" i7, the SDK refused to work. I installed it on a newer machine and it worked as intended.

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