Intel Perceptual Computing Challenge Entries. Video Link

Intel Perceptual Computing Challenge Entries. Video Link

Dear friends, the greatest of programming challenge ended today. So many of us have put our blood and soul on our apps. Two months of frenzy coding. Many developers have not used proper keywords to be discovered by search. Many have preferred to remain unlisted. But I have collected through as many entries as I could track and putting the list here for all of us to enjoy the effort of programmers around the world.  If you intent people to see your work and don't find your video in the list, feel free to add them in subsequent comments. 

I thought it would be nice for the community to relish the creation, to learn from each others work and to understand the technology better.  I too managed to sneak in couple of apps which I have put at the end. So enjoy the videos.

Moderators: I ensure not a single link is spam. I request you to publish this entry so that everybody can enjoy our work and we can link back to this entry. It has taken a lot of work for me to find so many entries.

1. Gesture Bot

2. 3D Angry Birds


4. SolidWorks API

5. Rover

6. No touch Window Control

7. Sympathy Movie

8. Rail Battle

9. Finger Shootout

10. Space Invaders

11. Combat Flight Sim

12. Air Drone Control

13. Lightning

14. Perceptual Piano

15. Perceptual Photo Gallery

16. Car Racing Game

17. Thin Air

18. Perceptual Helper

19. Spark Attack

20. Baseball Batery

21. My Petshow

22. Sit Perfect

23. Virtual Thermin

24. Check Attend

25. Smart Photo Editor

26. Presentation Helper

27. Hiti Reading Game

28. Perceptual Drummer

29. Dynassin

30. Interactive cotton candy

31. vrDrums

32. fingerball

33. Gesture Drum Synthesizer

34. Aksimata Studio

35. Monstar Hunting

36. Google Earth Controller

37. Gesture car controller

38. Duck Hunt

39. Virtual drum set

40. ShadowMind

41. Perceptual Crane Operator


43. CubeFlow

44. Context Aware Robot

45.Cognitive Renaissance

46. PerceptualOnCloud


48. Follow the ball

49. 3d Interactive Model

50. Generator

51. Marathon All Over the World.

52, ManU3d

53. Interact

54. Presentyk

55. Eye Care

56.Panel World 3d

57. TriggerFinger

58.My Doll

59. Puzzle tower

60. Genger Spaceman

61. Perceptual Catching

62. Sculpt3d

63. BestTimes

64. Grev

65.Mathious 3D

66. Aircraft Simulator

67. Head of Order

68. Sign Language Interpretor

69.Controlling Veterobot with gesture and voice recognition

70. Handshow

71. Saber Fighters

72. Talk without talking

73. Context aware cooking

74. Drop Music

75. Mirror Draw

76. Gesture Toss

77. Director in hand

78. Mad Monkey

79. Hand Mail

80. Mini Globe

81. Conducting Orchastra

82. WowPaint

83. Move Os

84. Space Between

85. Jarvis

86. Web Gesture

87. Perceptual Calculator

88. Rock Paper Scissor

89. Puppetry

90. Catcher

91. Virtual Ruler

92. Magic torch

93. Lilura

94. Perceptual Pet

95. Mercury2

96. Digital Mirror

97. Face4D

98. Facebook Buddy

99. Natural Telepresence

100. Sculpt

101. Smart Scrum Board

102.Math Guru

103. GlasDos

104. WISP

Two of my entries:

105. Shadow Art Show Maker:

106.Perceptual ImageGrassy

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This post should be sticky.

Thanks Rupam. It's wonderful to see so many interesting entries.

Thanks Rupam,

It was very interesting to see all of the other entries. Everyone did an amazing job, and I can't wait to see more.

Great list Rupam!

Here's my entry:

Playing Rock, Paper, Scissors with GLaDOS from Portal (Robotics meets Perceptual Computing):

-- roschler

Thanks Rupam!

I can see that everyone worked very hard, and this is very impressive.

Here is my video for my entry (my video was unlisted but I made it public today) : Perceptual Earth Facts

Maomi Sandbox -

Seeing all your great applications, I feel some way united with all of you sharing the same ups and downs over the last two months. Good luck everyone!

Hello friends. Thanks for your response and mailing me with the videos I have missed. I am compiling all of your entries. Give me couple of hours and I shall update the main post.


I have included all new videos and your link that I failed to discover. But there is no edit option for threads. Can somebody tell me how to edit the thread? I see edit option for post but not for threads?

Hey please include my video too.It was unlisted but now I updated it to Public.

App Name:Sleepy


I think moderators can edit the thread so please contact them for updating your list.

Mouse, Keyboard & Voice Recognition:

Virtual Mouse, Keyboard & Voice Recognition

Hi! I made a web browser controlled by hand movement, it could be useful for example for someone who is cooking, they cannot touch the computer but they need to scroll the recipe downwards.

Shape Browser.

Thanks! Phil

Our entry, Virtualens:

Virtualens Intro:
Virtualens installation tutorial:
Tutorial on how to configure Skype:
Tutorial on how to configure Google Hangouts:

Here is the link to my entry

Here is the link to my entry :

Smart Scrum Board

As  it seems impossible to edit the main thread, I am going to post a new thread in two days. Plese send me the link of video of yours if that is missing from the list.  This time I am also going to categorize them as Control, Embedded and Robotics, Games,  and so on. 

I want all of our work to be seen by entire world and relish the blood and soul being put into the apps. 

Here is a my movie link.
I made this movie simple and funny.

App name : FingerSoccer.
link :

Also, most videos are very interesting. Amazing!!

Hi Rupam, 

Our video: InteliTouch - Turning any surface into a touch surface.


I didn't find out about the competition till too late because I was playing around with the Leap Motion, but here's a demo I did of depth sorted hands in Augmented Reality, with gesture recognition and interaction with 3D CG objects, using the IP sdk and the Senz3D camera:


Great vid (and music track).  How do you like working with the PercSDK compared to Leap?  Any comments on accuracy and robustness for either environment?

-- roschler

Thanks very much Robert.  I don't want to bad-mouth Leap so suffice it to say that the IP sys has a lot more to offer and to play with.  I think the Leap may have less latency and better precision for what it does, but all things considered, the IP sys is easier and more fun to work with and has a better chance of catching on.  The music track from YT just happened to be the exact same length as my vid so I used it even though I would have preferred a calmer theme. :)



Thanks for the info, it matches what I've heard, that Leap is a capable piece of hardware but that the support software has a way to go still.  I really enjoy the ease of use and breadth of the PercSDK too and it's my main obsession these days..

re: music track

Interactive graphics that spell out words like "peace" accompanied by a death metal track.  What's not to like? :)

-- roschler

wow, those are awesome...

thanks for listing ours (Mad Monkey)

As like last time again you forget my entry NetExpresso here is link

and my friends entry Perceptual Photo Viewer :

Thanks Rupam for the Link..

All entries are awesome..

Does anyone have total entry count in individual category ?

Here is my video:

The last version of "Perceptual Helper". Custom gestures, voice, cloud config sharing. But, who cares, I did not win anything :)

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