Too Quiet

Too Quiet

Is Intel holding any more PercSDK events/etc. soon?  I really enjoyed the flood of questions and videos during the contest.  I find that I miss the activity.

-- roschler

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Me too missing the fun! :(


Guess we're the only ones, leading to the ancient philosophical question, if a post falls on deaf ears in the forum, does it it make a sound? :)

-- roscher

I guess many must be busy with AIC-2013. Are you contesting in AIC Roscher? 

I think, Intel can give a direction on the technology. It has been a great investment in terms of time and effort. I hope it does not go into vein. I mean so much work just for the sake of contest may not be worth. The technology shows a lot of promise. If we can receive some directions as how they plan to commercialize the technology, it would make more sense. Agreed, some Apps like Personify for Skype is already available in AppUp, but it can not be considered as trend. For about past ten months many of us have digged deep in PerC. I personally hope that the effort is not buried.

For any significant technology to be successfull, it should be backed by good apps and popularizing the echo system. However back here in India, I have been able to deliver some custom apps for automotive showrooms and feedback is really good. Few of our client has reported a good surge in sales figure after investing on the systems. So that is a positive for me. Also I have few more orders lined up in PerC. Fortunately I have also got admission for my doctorate program in one of India's premier technological universities and incidently my research area is Perceptual Computing and Robotics. So I hope I will be playing with different Perceptual techniques for quite some time now both commercially as well as for my Ph.D program.

If the Sdk comes as easy distro ( not this 1GB ) which can be integrated with Installers and some optimization on resource utilization it will be killer. Also Intel has declared Galileo on the line of Arduino which I guess will have some Linux distro. So Intel might as well look into getting the technology to Galileo which would be a killer! Having worked in various Biometric and Biomedical projects of different scales and complexity for a long time, I feel PerC has a good potential to be the next big thing. So I am personally working on several issues of PerC out of my own interest. I feel there are many things that I could not do for the contest which I am trying out. Depth data is so good that it can be used for many complex analysis.

Therefore the music is still on for me. Silance gives a good introspection possibility which leads to better development and methodology.  So friend don't be disheartened. I can tell you, it is a masterpiece of a technology! Hats off to Intel which has taken the initiative to give a movement to research in this direction.  The contests were important to bring developers into the echosystem and I see no going back from here. 


Rupam, yes the next contest (AIC) is on and so I focus my time on that. Have you entered the AIC?

Sidenote on AppUp: I received an email that the AppUp program is going to shut down later this year. With the integrated Micosoft store, it probably makes sense to focus the resources on something new.

About PerC: have you seen the announcements at the Intel Developer Forum? Intel presented a small OEM module of the PerC camera, which can be integrated into the display frame of a laptop and such devices are supposed to ship in 2014 already. I think the contest is a great way to reach out to developers and get people programming for novel technology. And since this is a new field of user interaction I can imagine many business opportunities.

Yes Martin I am into AIC as well and writing for both devices. Though PerC is not part of AIC, playing with it on AIO is a real kick of grass.  When Intel cameup with the Ultrabook last year, I thought it was really a cool idea to integrate touch and sensors into a laptop. The prizes of these devices have also been corrected and leading computer suppliers seems to be doing their best in pushing it. 

I think about AppUp, the news I have is that they will not accept any new apps for next 60 days to revive the app store. A business needs time to mature. Most of the businesses are aligning for consumers devices like Android and iPad. Intel AppUp is only store that is providing desktop apps. It will take a little time for AppUp to mature. So I am optimistic about a good show of AppUp in future. PerC camera module in the place of laptop camera will be a killer option. 

So, I think this forum will be little less noisy for atleast a month. 


Great comments by you as always.  You should consider writing a Dev guide to the PercSDK detailing its current issues, possible solultions, etc.  and sell it on the web.

The AIC, is that Intel's Lenovo/App Innovation Contest?  If so I stayed away from that one because competition is crazy.  CodeProject alone has generated a huge wave of solid entries.  If not, where do I find out more about AIC?

I usually avoid contests that have that kind of participation if I don't have an app idea that I'm truly in love with or there's something about the platform that's just too fun to leave alone (like the PercSDK).  There's too many intangibles involved in the judging with big contests.  Another example of this is the Tizen contest.  I intended to develop for that O/S at some point but with $4 million in prizes and the Intel being involved, that contest is also going to have insane competition so I'm not participating in it:

-- roschler

Yes, Robert, the AIC is the Intel App Innovation Contest, but the qualification round is closed now.

I usually enter a contest when I want to work on a project anyways, that may fit in the contest. The deadline gives me a a point of time to work towards :)

Rupam, yes, maybe not the entire AppUp store will be closed, but pivoted towards specialized hardware (PerC / AIO). I assume you saw this message:


Ouch.  Now I confused.  I've been reading for months that Intel is heavily invested in the PercSDK app market, but now the sole store for buying/selling PercSDK apps is closing down?  Is there a thread around where Intel offers some comforting comments to those of us considering investing significant time on PercSDK apps about the longevity of the ecosystem?

-- roschler

Robert, I didn't mean to confuse you. Rupam mentioned the AppUp store and I just recalled the email/message that I posted above. As far as I can tell, Intel's engagement in PerC is independent from the engagement in the AppUp store, which has been up for 3+ years, but probably didn't get sufficient traction. While I agree with Rupam, that a business effort requires time to mature, I can also understand the decision about putting AppUp on hold or turning it into a store for specialized computers given that Microsoft integrates a store now in Windows 8. However nobody said that the engagement in PerC is shut down. It will probably just look different, than what we imagined.

I think PerC is a great technology and it allows us and Intel to explore a new frontier.

Oschler, thank you for your humble words. But I am truely no pioneer in PerC, so I feel I have nothing salable to offer. I have given my input about issues in sdk at various levels the way all of the community members have done. But may be because I am a signal processing engineer by profession, I can give some insights about PerC algorithms. The reason for me to voice my opinion about sdk is that, I honestly believe that it is a killer product and can be deciding factors for lot of early adopters like us. We have invested about a year of our time into this technology. So surely I would want that time to be counted. Contest is a good way to pull your socks to do something in a tight schedule and hence has made it possible to learn the sdk in quick time. Also it has really been a fun to work with Intel. Guys are too cooperative and makes it feel like home. So I do hope that they do their every bit to ensure success of this technology. 

@Martin, yes I have read that message and got it clarified that submissions in AppUp will be closed for two months. AppUp would remain active and apps will be available for download/purchase. 

Why AppUp is running into trouble?

I think a serious problem that we are facing right now is the madness of Microsoft. They want JavaScript to be the only thing supporting WinRT, they want a homogeneous environment for Tablet, phone, convertibles. But one thing they have failed to realize is enterprise solutions. Business products that we have developed over the years are core of so many businesses. Rewriting every part of millions of module in JavaScript will not be possible by small companies like ours. Developing every new product in JavaScript is an option but JavaScript at this moment is close to where VB was in early 90's. So I can't imagine how we develop any serious software with that? It's one thing to write a cool app and entirely different thing to write "software" enabling productivity. Imagine Apple abandoning OC? So in an attempt to get it's foothold into consumer product and Apps, MS is dumping a huge market of it's. That has left even most loyal MS developers to leave out. Given an option, I would prefer an Android based Application or iOS rather than ugly Win8. So many like me who has to continue providing support to our clients are hoping that Intel reverses this trend and give some fuel to serious desktop environment. If Intel fails in it's bid to revive the desktop and MS continues to dump support for desktop, SMEs and small companies like ours which survives on product for SMEs are in a big black hole. 

I hope that I do not see a computing future where I have to celebrate 1 million download my App called "Gray" that runs on all the platforms and converts any image into grayscale! So PerC, AppUp and Intel all plays an important role into ensuring that people do not buy an Atom processor over i7-16GB product. 

Tizen looks cool. But as I am more or less a software developer more than an App developers so, I restrained myself from entering into that. But best wishes to you to do well in Tizen.


When I made a post here about possibly distributing a PercSDK app soon one of the Intel folk directed me to the AppUp store.  Hence my concern.  However, as long as the PercSDK's runtime files can be included in an installer then I guess we can use any app store we like or distribute directly.  However, I was hoping for a "push" from Intel for those of us willing to develop PercSDK apps now while the platform is young, in the same vein that Microsoft/Nokia have been giving Windows phone apps help lately.  I was hoping that the AppUp store would be part of that "push" but apparently it's in decline as you pointed out.

-- roschler

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