Integrating opencv with the Creative* Interactive Gesture Camera

Integrating opencv with the Creative* Interactive Gesture Camera

could someone help me on how to Integrate with the opencv Creative * Interactive Gesture Camera?
My context is to take pictures of depths with the aim of recognize an object by using the depth information coming Creative * Interactive Gesture Camera.

Would you like some examples.



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You can use OpenCV in association of PerC. I can't say about OpenCV with C++/Java. I have used Emgu with good effect. You can obtain Bitmap from either RGB feed or Depth feed and then process those Bitmap images with Emgu/OpenCV. You can then render any results back on the Bitmap using wither OpenCv's draw call's or your programming language's API's

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Hello Rupam,
First thanks for the reply. I am using C + + to develop my application. If you find any information on how to do this integration, using the language C + +, I would greatly appreciate this help. I will continue investigating. If I can join, I'll inform to this topic




Does OpenCV have any methods or function calls that accept/analyze/process depth data annotated bitmaps?  Or will the depth data be essentially "ignored"?

-- roschler

Hello Rupam, 

sorry for the late to reply. Yes OpenCV has methods that process data depths. below show some links exemplifying.

I know using the kinect. Never done using creative. The creative is compatible with OpenNI?

What I desire is to get the infromações depths welcome creative camera and analyzing the pictures of depths using machine learning methods OpenCV

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