The older camera issues with the new SDK

The older camera issues with the new SDK

When using Perceptual Computing SDK 2013 GOLD R6 or the latest R7 version 12492 and the old camera Creative* Senz 3D 2028:

1) EnableGesture works

2) EnableGesture in combination with EnableVoiceRecognition both don't work at all. It fails at UtilPipelineRaw::AcquireFrame function in util_pipeline_raw.cpp, lines 93 and 107.

When using the new camera Creative* Senz 3D 2103 everything works.

Also noticed on the old camera that the red light on the left side is always on, even after closing this or any other demo app.

Both issues were not present in SDK R4.

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What firmware version of your old camera? Could you send me the SDK_INFO(advanced mode) when you connect the older camera? Thanks!

David, please find sdk_info for the old camera attached.


Downloadtext/plain old_0.txt144.77 KB

We have found this issue and I will provide the link to upgrade the firmware for those cameras. Thanks!

David, can you provide the link to upgrade the firmware? Thanks.

We are still working with Creative. I will post the link as soon as I got it. Thanks!

Firmware upgrade says "No device found".

This issue should be fixed if you can upgrade your firmware. I also have camera with 2028 firmware and have no issue to upgrade. If you still can not upgrade your camera's firmware, please contact our Customer Service team at Thanks!

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