The Intel® Perceptual Computing SDK 2013 R7 is now available!

The Intel® Perceptual Computing SDK 2013 R7 is now available!

Perceptual Computing Developers,

Intel has just launched the Perceptual Computing SDK 2013 R7! We've included many quality enhancements and bug fixes. Download R7 to make sure you're developing with our latest and greatest.  For detailed notes on enhancements, check out the release notes here. If you've got any questions, check out our forum. We read it regularly. 

Good luck with your development,

The Intel perceptual computing SDK team

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David, Do you guys have any future plans on bringing these later revisions of the SDK to other processors? 

I'm kinda wondering, because some of he newer AMD processors have had no trouble with the older revisons of the SDK, and then you guys dropped support for them. I understand that the reason why you guys only support the newest Intel i-core processors, but couldn't you guys develop those same algorithms for other types of processors? All in all, I think it'd help give you guys a wider market with these cameras especially with the new integrated ones you guys are coming out with. 

Since PerC SDK will have the best performance under intel 2nd/3rd/4th processor, we only support intel 2nd/3rd/4th processor now.

I understand that much, but I'm wondering if there will be future support for other processors?

Thanks for the information, David! 

Hi David, I don't see any updates to the Facial Recognition module (unless I missed it), are you planning any near-future refinements to this, or are you focusing on other areas?


What is the update you want to find in facial recognition module?



I don't see any mention of a fix for the bug I reported regarding camera selection by ID. 

Can you please tell me if the bug is fixed in this release?

Thanks very much,


Hi David, 

My apologies for only replying now, I haven't been in the forum for awhile. With regards to the facial recognition module, it's nothing new I'm asking about, just better support for C# and Java. The C# example code still has simple syntax errors - such as C++ code that's just been pasted in there & obviously never tested.

The C++ code that deals with facial recognition - i.e. comparing a new face to existing faces - has a very 'black-box' type approach. This makes it difficult to come up with ways of improving the scalability so that the SDK can actually be used in a real-life situation where comparisons are required against hundreds of thousands of faces.



Since PerC SDK 2013 R8 has been released. Please report any issue @ Thanks!

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