Problem when mapping depth to color coordinates

Problem when mapping depth to color coordinates


I tried to map depth to color coordinates using uvmap and I obtained this result:

I've got two issues. First, I've this large shift between the real location and the mapping. Second, I don't know why I've the end of my hand at the left of the frame. Here is my code:

        int cstride = cdata.pitches[0] / sizeof(pxcU32);
        int dstride = ddata.pitches[0] / sizeof(pxcU16);
        float * uvmap = (float *) ddata.planes[2];
        for(int y = 0; y < (int) dinfo.height; y++){
            for(int x = 0; x < (int) dinfo.width; x++){
                int cx = (int) (uvmap[(y*dstride + x)*2 + 0] * cinfo.width + 0.5f);
                int cy = (int) (uvmap[(y*dstride + x)*2 + 1] * cstride + 0.5f);
                short cz = ((short *) ddata.planes[0])[y * dstride + x];
                if(cx >= 0 && cx < (int) cinfo.width && cy >= 0 && cy < (int) cinfo.height && (int) cz < 700)
                    ((pxcU32 *)cdata.planes[0])[cy*cstride+cx] = 0xFFFFFFFF;

Can you help me to resolve these two issues ?

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Please use the calibration tool( compensate certain camera offset mapping depth to color coordinates. 

Thanks for your quick reply. I used the calibration tool as you said but the calibration was good. So I assume that it comes from my code.

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