Face recognition sample

Face recognition sample

I have just started using the SDK. In order to get a filling of its capabilities, I tried to use the face recognition sample. I thought the application would recognize different faces, but it looks like every new face is always recognized as the first face that was added...

I tried using the precompiled binary that comes with the SDK. I also tried to use the sample sources and it seems like the compare function scores are always equal to one and the returned index is always zero. What can I be doing wrong?


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You are right. The new face always recognized as the first face in currently algorithm.

Hi David,

when will this be resolved? I find it really strange that this broke with R7 (in R6, it was working just fine!). There is nothing of this in the release news. Overall, I find using the PCSDK is a really not satisfying experience due to stuff breaking from release to release without any reasoning about it and no news at all about the changes. This has really made my impression of Intel as software development company worse, I'm sorry to say.

Could you provide more detail info? What did you mean "this broke with R7(in R6, it was working just fine!)"? Thanks!

Hi David,

here's more info:

In Release 6, Face Recognition works the following way.
1) Face is detected as Face ID -1 if not known.
2) Saving the profile at this point makes the face being recognized as Face ID 0.
3) Showing a different face to the camera changes detected face ID to -1 again.
4) Saving another profile yields Face ID 1 as result.
5) Showing the first face yields Face ID 0 again, as expected.

In Release 7, Face Recognition works the following way:
1) Face is detected as Face ID -1 if not known
2) Saving the profile at this point makes the face being recognized as Face ID 0.
3) Showing a different face to the camera still yields Face ID 0.
4) Showing no face at all yields -1.
5) Whichever face is shown, known or not, always returns Face ID 0.

Just try the face_recognition samples from both releases, they show exactly this behaviour (as well as my custom code). This is what I call breaking without notice.


I am new to Intel Perceptual Computing sdk. Can you please my guide me through how did you saved the profile while executing the face detection/analysis sample?


Thanks you.

@pfc, I've been diving into PerC over the last few days. I can confirm your issue as well.

I notice also that if scores are retrieved from model.Compare() that every model is marked as a 100% match. Attached is a complete C# example to demonstrate the issue.

You'll notice that it'll match the first face successfully, however every following face is matched to the first face with 100% confidence.


Downloadapplication/zip FaceRecognition.zip20.14 KB

I have seen the same with the sample app.


No pressure - but has there been any progress on this issue? We're continuing our testing using R6 - but it would be nice to know if this is to be resolved in a future "R8" release.

I can confirm the issue with face recognition module in SDK. Please, fix it as soon as possible.

How can I download R6 release, were this feature is still working?

You can download the latest PerC SDK R7 version now @http://registrationcenter-download.intel.com/akdlm/irc_nas/3706/intel_pc...

Just confirmed, this problem persists with R8.

Yes, it was a known issue in R8 and we will fix it in the future release.

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