Camera Interference and Question about finger tracking

Camera Interference and Question about finger tracking

Hi everyone !

I got that camera for 3 days now and I've some trouble. I want to know why sometimes when I'm using the depth sensor I have some interference in the image.

A screen in the attachment.

I tried to use the camera in a room without light but it didn't change something. So is it normal or it is in my code ?


2) Second question : I'm using finger tracking and the code for finger tracking seems to have trouble to distinguish fingers. For example, sometimes it takes the pinky for the thumb etc ... Do you have the same problem or is it again my code ?


Thank you for your answer.

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Arthur, it looks like your camera has hardware defect. Could you please take more depth screen shoot in normal room light? Thanks!

See in attachment a new capture.

As you can see, the depth sensor is not working as others. 

And the recognition doesn't really work too. It detects the thumb but it is the index, is it normal ?


Downloadimage/jpeg depth_sensor_img_2.jpg63.36 KB

The algorithm can not distinguish the thumb or index if you only show one finger.

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