why i canot run the DEMO

why i canot run the DEMO

Can anyone help me?

Why canot run the DEMO,Augmented Farm and DepthBall 

my OS is win7 64bit

thanks anyway

a intel perceptual computing newone

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Could you provide more info so I can help you? What is your CPU and what kinds camera are you using? Can you run all the other sample apps except those two? Thanks!

my CPU is intel i3-3220 16G RAM ,OS is win7 64bit

If the DEMO which only use the RGB camera , then it can work ,like the face detection. Otherwise , like the finger detection or gesture viewer,it cant work.


thanks for your help

Can you run C:\Program Files (x86)\Intel\PCSDK\bin\win32\gesture_viewer.exe? If not, please uninstall the PerC SDK and re-install the latest PerC SDK R8 and see if there is any different. Thanks!

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