Saving PXCImages

Saving PXCImages

Hello all,

I'm trying to save images (in PXCImage format) taken by the Creative Camera onto my hard drive. Is there a way to do this?

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Yes, you can save images in PXCImage format. For example, you can use sample application camera_viewer.exe to record and playback.

Record:    camera_viewer.exe -nframes  <nframes> -file <filename> -record
Playback:  camera_viewer.exe -file <filename>

You can look at the camera_viewer source code to know how to implement.


In the example of segmentation, if I want to set the output image to eliminate background image size, what should I do?can you help me?

Right now, you only can record raw depth/RGB data. If you want to record partial of image, you can look at the sample C:\Program Files (x86)\Intel\PCSDK\sample\common\src\util_capture_file.cpp

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