Accuracy improvement request for PoseData

Accuracy improvement request for PoseData

Hi support team,

I'm developing an application which uses PXCMFaceAnalysis.Landmark.PoseData to estimate a user's head pose, but I found all the parameters, yaw, pitch, roll were very inaccurate. For example, yaw angle of PoseData always returns between -5 to 5 degree no matter how I move my head. In my application, the accuracy of roll is not so important, but this SDK's yaw and pitch accuracy is not suitable.

So my requests are

  1. I don't know which algorithm is used for head pose estimation, but please improve the accuracy.
  2. Please return head pose coordinate origin too like Kinect does
  3. Plus, please implement the method MapColorCoordinatesToDepth. I know this will be fixed from the release note, but I really appreciate if you make the priority higher.

Best regards

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Thanks for your valuable feedback. For MapColorCoordinatesToDepth, it has been implemented in our latest PerC SDK 2013 R8 release.

Thanks for your reply. Somehow, I installed SDK 2013 R7 not R8.

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