Usage of MapColorCoordinatesToDepth

Usage of MapColorCoordinatesToDepth

Hello support team,

I really appreciate if you show an example of MapColorCoordinatesToDepth usage because it's arguments are different from SDK reference manual, so I don't know what I should pass to this function. This function seems to require below arguments in C# case, but I have no idea what these parameters are.

1. PXCMImage image <= Is this a color image or depth image?

2. PXCMPointF32[] uvInv <= What is this?

3. uint uvInvStep <= What is this?

4. PXCMSizeU32 uvInvRoi <= What is this?

This is not an urgent question, but I think it's really helpful to show an usage example for C# when you have time.

Thanks for your support!

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Hello David,

As I said, the reference manual usage is different from the actual usage. I mean, MapColorCooridinatesToDepth is supposed to require 3 arguments in C#, depth, posc, and posd from the reference manual, but it actually requires 4 arguments, image, uvInv, uvInvStep, and uvInvRoi in R8. That's why I'm asking the usage.

Actually, I decided not to use R8 for a trouble, but still it is useful to know it's usage for future works. Thanks for your support.

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