SDK R8 installer trouble

SDK R8 installer trouble

Hello all,

I've got the SDK R8 offline installer problem, so it is quite helpful if somebody gives me an advice.

I installed perceptual SDK R8, but found my program which runs in R7 crashed, and even sample program crashed too. So I uninstalled R8 and tried to re-install R7, but somehow the installer thinks R8 is still on my PC and did nothing because it thinks newer version is already installed. I guess R8 installer does not clean it's information on my PC, so I'd like to know how I can clean up R8 information on my PC.

Here is the situation I met on Windows7, 64bit environment.

1. I installed SDK R7 with offline installer

2. I developed the program which runs normally

3. I installed SDK R8 with offline installer

4. I found my program crashed and SDK sample progmram crashed too

5. I uninstalled SDK R8 with offline installer

6. I tried to install SDK R7 again with offline installer

7. The installer did nothing because it says newer version is already installed

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Thank you for reporting this issue. Please send the installation log file to me. The log file is in  %TEMP%/micl_tmp_<USERNAME>, you can use echo %TEMP% under command console to find the path.

Hello David, thanks for your reply.

I attached the installation log file which you mentioned, so please check this one. By the way, I deleted some registries (maybe 10 to 20) by regedit captured by the keyword "PCSDK" before zipping the folder where log files are because I thought the installer might not delete registries correctly.


Downloadapplication/zip micl_tmp_Nishimura.zip6.81 MB

We will investigate and get back to you soon. Thanks for supporting our PerC SDK.

Hello David, thanks for your support.

Please let me know if you have any workaround for this trouble. Currently I cannot work on R7 nor R8, though I need to report about this SDK by the end of Apr.

Hello support team,

Still no workaround on this problem? Any workaround is fine except buying new PC.

We are still investigating this issue and will get back to you as soon as we find the root issue. Thanks!

Hello, support team

I'm so disappointed about this poor support. I tried the SDK just one week and after that, the camera became a garbage on my PC. As I said, I don't need a perfect solution, but just a workaround is fine. When can you make the camera work again?

Sorry, cause your issue is pretty unique and we are still investigating. We will provide the workaround solution to you soon. Thanks! David

Hidetoshi, please check your email. I have sent you the workaround method. Hopefully it will solve your issue. Thanks! David

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