please explain MapColorCoordinatesToDepth

please explain MapColorCoordinatesToDepth

I noticed this function in projection.h

    virtual pxcStatus PXCAPI MapColorCoordinatesToDepth( PXCImage *d_image, PXCPointF32 *uvInv, pxcU32 uvInvPitch, PXCSizeU32 uvInvRoi )=0;

Obviously PXCImage *d_image is the depth image.

I am guessing that PXCPointF32 *uvInv is an array of color coordinates to be mapped, and that the new depth coordinates will replace them when the function terminates.

Does pxcU32 uvInvPitch refer to the the pitch of the color image (i.e. Bytes*Width) OR is it the pixel size RGB = 24 Bytes ?

I guess that PXCSizeU32 uvInvRoi is a rectangle representing the number of pixels you want mapped in the x-y dimension starting at uvInv ?


It's a little confusing, and the documentation needs to be updated regarding this function.


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