creative 3D camera calibration and accuracy

creative 3D camera calibration and accuracy

1. Need this camera calibrate? the accuracy seems bad.No accuracy is given in spec. Can It be used for pose estimation?

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You can use C:\Program Files (x86)\Intel\PCSDK\bin\win32\calibration.exe to do camera calibrate.

Hi, David,

It seems the calibration.exe only deal with 2D parameters, while a more complex model of the camera (focal length, distortion cofficients) should be calibrate to improve the depth accuracy.

Meanwhile, the Kinect has a lot related materials both in industrial and academic area e.g. TPAMI paper 2012 "Joint Depth and Color Camera Calibration with Distortion Correction.pdf ". And the calibrated results seem to improve the accuacy. Any suggestions to Intel Senz3D?




How do you know when you need to calibrate the camera?

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