AcquireFrame fails intermittently for VoiceRecognition

AcquireFrame fails intermittently for VoiceRecognition

I have a console app which does voice recognition using a Creative GestureCam.   Calls to AcquireFrame fail more half the times I launch the app, but if I keep trying eventually it works.  My initialization code (simplified) looks like:

string DEVICE_NAME = "Microphone Array (Creative GestureCam---)";
MyUtilMPipeline pp = new MyUtilMPipeline();
while(true) {

My guess is that it is not locating the correct device stream?     I can run the voice recognition demo app fine.


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Your code looks OK. Would you provide error message or screenshot? Thanks!

I'm using the following:

if (!pp.AcquireFrame(true))
    Console.WriteLine("acquire frame failed");

Sometimes when starting, I get nothing but the failure Console log and AcquireFrame just returns a false value, but other times it works.  I am running on Windows 8.1 in VMware on a Mac host.  Could this be a problem?    I have seen the intermittent failures on a real Windows box too, but they seem less frequent.

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