Acquiring depth data (outputting to file)

Acquiring depth data (outputting to file)

I am new to Intel Perceptual Computing and I am trying to figure out exactly how to output depthmap data gathered from the camera.  My goal is to get the raw depth data in C++, and output it in a format that can be then read and manipulated with MATLAB. Any advice would be appreciated.

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The output depth image file has its own format. Please look at the sample app  C:\Program Files (x86)\Intel\PCSDK\sample\raw_streams for details. 

Hi, Vincent , I‘m new to the SDK as well. 

Right now I'm using 

        CFileDialog save_dlg(FALSE);//FALSE to create a "save as" dlg
        CString fileName;
        char write_buffer[100];


        sprintf(write_buffer, "%d\r\n", pVert->pos.z);
        Save_Load_File.Write(write_buffer, strlen(write_buffer));



to a txt file, and then read it in Matlab.

It's cumbersome and I am trying to us OpenCV to restore it. There are a lot examples in the former discussions.



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