Realsense App Challenge does not include Australia

Realsense App Challenge does not include Australia


I got an invite to enter the new Realsense App Challenge as an Ambassador but the 'Country of Residence' field does not include Australia.

The only countries are 

United States









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Hi Gerry!  I encountered the same issue with the Ambassador form.  I was able to successfully register by putting my country into the county section (e.g East Sussex, United Kingdom) and setting the country as United States.  I emailed the contest administrators last night about the problem and hopefully they'll fix it soon.  Luckily, you can edit the address in your profile once you've registered so that the camera goes to the right address.

Thanks for the note Marty.

I also had that issue today where UK was not available.

Hopefully it'll be resolved soon.

Hi Gerry,

Apologies for the bug in the Dropdown menu.  The full list the 37 eligible countries will be available on the site shortly.


Hi Gerry,

Apologies for the bug in the drop down box for the Countries list.  The full list of the 37 eligible countries will be up on the site shortly.

thanks all, exciting  times ahead!


I would like to know why some countries are missing from the list? I am from Bulgaria

I have a great idea for the current tournament and I want to participate in it.

Thank you.


I am also from Bulgaria and I really cannot understand why it is not listed. We have really cool, innovative and practical ideas solving real customer pains.

Bulgaria is becomming a central place for startup communities in Eastern Europe and is second in place after England for whole Europe.

For the last 2 years only 2 Bulgarian accelerators/VCs have invested in more than 110 startups. I am part of one such startup.

Also many IT companies have put their Dev Centers here in Bulgaria (I wonder why... ;)). Everyone knows Bulgaria has many Good quality programmers (if not one of the best)...

If you want other Countries to stand a chance and win something... then leave it as it is.

If however you want to see some real amazing stuf and real competition, you might as well consider lifting the limit for Bulgaria.

But the decision is ultimately yours...





Unfortunately each participant must be a legal resident of one of our participating countries.  Each year we work very hard to increase the list of included, countries; in 2013 we had 16 while in 2014 we will have over 30 countries included.  A tremendous amount of work goes into including new countries.  We must have a complete legal review, as well as many other factors before a country becomes eligible.  In truth, the main reason a country is not included is due to that country's specific laws about international contests.

Due to legal constraints Bulgaria is not on the list this year, but hopefully it will be in the future.

If you can find a team member who is a resident of another eligible country you could enter that way.


Thanks for your fast and prompt reply.

Good luck with your competition.

Best regards,


Hi there,

Can you confirm for me whether Ireland is one of the participating countries please? I notice that it is not on the list on the FAQ page.



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