Obtaining GeoNode of all five fingers in a Single Call

Obtaining GeoNode of all five fingers in a Single Call


I have been working with the Intel perceptual computing SDK (C#) lately. In the documentation it is mentioned that ,to retrieve the GeoNode data of all five fingers the following API can be used.(Please refer : Documentation->SDK manuals->Programming Guide->Finger Tracking and Pose/Gesture Recognition->Geometric Nodes and Hand Modeling->C# example 47).

/* Retrieve data of all five fingers in a single call */

PXCMGesture.GeoNode[] hand_data=new PXCMGesture.GeoNode[5];

gesture.QueryNodeData(0,PXCMGesture.GeoNode.Label.LABEL_BODY_HAND_PRIMARY|PXCMGesture.GeoNode.Label.LABEL_FINGER_THUMB, hand_data)

But it is obvious the code is missing something.It seems to be a typo.

Is there any way to obtain the geonode data of all five fingers in single call?

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Have you tried this code? It should return all 5 fingers in a single call. Here the hand_data is an array. 

Hi David,

Sorry ,It was my mistake.I had been calling this API with out hand_data.Thanks for pointing it out.

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