Unregister or Upgrade from pioneer to Ambassador...

Unregister or Upgrade from pioneer to Ambassador...

I just signed up to the RealSense competition under the wrong method as I was offered the ambassador track, but I applied under the pioneer track. Can I either unregister my email/user name or upgrade/change which track I am on? 

Also it says the new RealSense camera is ONLY windows 8.1? Is that correct? 

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I'm not qualified to answer the registration question but the contest admins watch this forum and will likely post a reply for you soon.  

As for the Windows 8.1 question ... I attended the RealSense online webinar the other day, and it was said that yes, the SDK does need Windows 8.1 because of the extra power of the 2014 camera over last year's model.

50 of the top scorers in Round 1 across the Ambassador track from across all contest categories will receive an Intel NUC mini-PC worth $600 with 4th Generation Haswell CPU in addition to the camera, so that would solve the Windows 8.1 problem if you need to upgrade, if you score high enough in round 1.  Best of luck!  :)

Thanks for the heads up!

And yes, here's hoping I get a high place. I can understand that they made need windows 8.1 but I won't be upgrading for the competition I don't think. I haven't personally had good experience with windows 8, or purchasing the 'upgrade' as I want to dual boot and it was difficult to find the best purchase method to do that.

Good luck if you are entering the comp yourself!


If you haven't done so already, send a request to the administrative email address for the contest.  


We can take care of the issue there.

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