Upload Image in idea submission

Upload Image in idea submission


I am not able to upload image at the time of idea submission. When i click on the button of Browse, nothing happen.

Appreciate  any help. 



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When I try to upload an mp4 video for the Idea Submission phase of the RealSense Challenge, the "Upload" status message appears, but there is no status of what percentage of the file is uploaded. In barely a few seconds the upload gets over which is not really possible since the file is several hundred MB. Although the Browse dialog shows the name of the mp4 file that was supposedly uploaded, I am doubtful that the files have properly gone through.

As I am unsure of the upload I have included a link to the mp4 file in my dropbox account, in my submission.  I had a similar issue during the last PerC challenge where I finally provided a dropbox link of my video as part of the Demo and Idea submission. Would that be sufficient, since the upload appears to be unsuccessful? Could someone please assist in resolving this issue? 


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