Senz3D Change Powerstate

Senz3D Change Powerstate

Hello all!

I'm working on a project with multiple Senz3D camera's next to eachother.

To prevent them from troubles with the IR of the other I would like to change the powerstate to idle.
Now I've got 2 questions:

1. If the powerstate is C0 (Idle), does the IR stop?
2. While testing I ran into an error:

An object reference is required for the non-static field, method, or property 'PXCMPowerState.QueryState(out PXCMPowerState.State, out PXCMPowerState.State)'

I've tried to have a non-static class, but the error stays. Can anybody help me?
The block of test code is as follow:

public ChangePower()
     PXCMPowerState.State Old;
     PXCMPowerState.State iOld;
     PXCMPowerState.State Idle = PXCMPowerState.State.STATE_C0;
     PXCMPowerState.State Run = PXCMPowerState.State.STATE_C3;

     PXCMPowerState.QueryState(out Old, out iOld); // Get current powerstate

     if (Old != Idle)

Thanks in advance!

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I am actually working on a similar problem where I would like to collect data from multiple cameras that are directed at the same general area.  I didn't end up changing the power state.  Instead I simply set a UtilPipeline pointer within my data collection loop and delete it when I'm done and then cycle cameras.  

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