Updated drivers for Senz3D camera?

Updated drivers for Senz3D camera?

I still have my Senz3D camera from the PercSDK contest a year ago.  Are there any updated drives for it for Windows?  It's a nice camera and I'd like to use it more, but I lot of the software I run can't recognizer and with those that do, the streaming is choppy with periodic 1/2 second areas in the stream where all frames are dropped.

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Not sure whether this will be a solution for the software that you are trying to run on your Senz3D, but in terms of device drivers, this camera can use the same drivers as the SoftKinetic DS325.

The latest version of the DS325 device drivers can be downloaded (after registering and logging in) from 


Look for the DepthSense SDK for Windows.



@robert, thanks.

HI Robert,

You can also download the iisu SDK that will give you access to our hands & fingers tracking middleware.

You can do that by loggin in on www.softkinetic.com or have a direct download on www.reachvr.com where you'll also have access to our Oculus SDK



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