Knowing about Intel Real sense

Knowing about Intel Real sense

Hi all,

       I start working for intel real sense applications by using unity3d software. I am new to work for this . Really i dont have any idea about this , i want to all the stuff for this. And more over can i do my activity without sensor device.But i have web cam in my device. Please help me.

Thanks in advance....

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An important question is what camera you have.  This forum (Perceptual computing SDK 2013) uses only the Creativ 3dSenz cam.
The 2014 RealSense SDK uses only the Intel RealSense F200 camera at this time (only available from Intel at the beginning of 2015).
Plain web cams were not the intended use case for either of these Intel SDKs.

And i want to know one more thing like can i play my application without RS 3D Camera device , can i play my application with my web camera.Please reply me.

Thanx in advance.

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