Hello all,

I am trying to access the power state of my SENZ3D camera and I seem to be having some trouble.

I am attempting to do so like this:

PXCSession* session = pp.QuerySession();
   PXCPowerState* state = session->DynamicCast<PXCPowerState>();


where "pp" is a utilpipeline instance. This doesn't work, it is trying to access bad memory and crashing.

I would appreciate any help with the proper syntax for working with the powerstate.

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I had originally posted this because I write applications that use multiple cameras that are all viewing the same general area.  I wanted to set the powerstate of each camera to IDLE when not in use so as to not interfere with the IR of the other cameras. I recently got around this probably by simply shutting off a camera whenever I don't want the IR beam causing interference.


SoftKinetic has a “laser cut off" command in a beta version of the DepthSense SDK driver, that turns off the laser without shutting off the node/camera, meaning it is faster and easier than having to shut off the camera and then restart, register the node and reconfigure it. This DSSDK is compatible with the Senz3D, so anyone interested could contact sales@softkinetic.com.

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