PXCSenseManager::AcquireFrame return PXC_STATUS_INIT_FAILED(-503)

PXCSenseManager::AcquireFrame return PXC_STATUS_INIT_FAILED(-503)


I am new to RealSense SDK. I have some issue when I try to integrate RSSDK face detection and landmarks into our application.

When I set the image resolution into 1280X720 , AcquireFrame will always return PXC_STATUS_INIT_FAILED(-503),

unless I comment the " m_pConfig->ApplyChanges(); " , which means face detection and landmarks are not enabled.

I have checked that every function call prior to calling AcquireFrame return PXC_STATUS_NO_ERROR, include PXCSenseManager::Init.

The same code works well, when I set the image resolution into 640X480 or 640X360.

SDK Version  :  v4.0.0.112526

DCM Version : v1.3.20.36232

Do I am missing any step ?

Below is the code snippet

m_pConfig = m_pFaceModule->CreateActiveConfiguration();
if (m_pConfig == NULL)
       return -1;

PXCCapture::Device::StreamProfileSet set;
memset(&set, 0, sizeof(set));
set.color.imageInfo.height = 720;  //480
set.color.imageInfo.width = 1280; //640


m_pConfig->pose.isEnabled = FALSE;
m_pConfig->detection.isEnabled = TRUE;
m_pConfig->landmarks.isEnabled = TRUE;

ret_status = m_pConfig->ApplyChanges();
if (ret_status < PXC_STATUS_NO_ERROR)
      return ret_status;


Any help and suggestion will be greatly appreciated.





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