ERROR: Dump file generated for ... is invalid

ERROR: Dump file generated for ... is invalid

Does anyone know of workrounds or diagnostics for invalid dump files? The only thing I've seen is a comment to avoid older VTune installation licenses appearing on the "path" and a problem with xed.exe that should now be fixed. On my machine I don't have older vtune information anywhere in the environment or license file, and the data collecting phase proceeded without errors, yet I get an erroras below.

C:\\tmp\\fipde\\pba>java -Xmx1000m xIFJava.Main f "foo.QAG" -jdir "tb5" -NHM

Intel Performance Bottleneck Analyzer - Version 4.0.1 RC3

Using C:\\opt\\Intelpba as xIF_ROOT


Architecture specified: NEHALEM

ERROR: Dump file generated for foo.QAG is invalid.

Gathering TB5 data...done

Parsing TB5 data...done

Finding basic block entry points...done

Creating basic blocks for streams...done

Creating streams...done

I also tried capturing the command lines of processes being launched using procmon.exe as another user reported a problem with xed but all the launched processes started fine.

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