OpenMP time/coverage with APS ?

OpenMP time/coverage with APS ?


i'm aware aps is replacing MPS in the next release.  

A usefull feature on MPS was getting the OpenMP time  ( coverage percentage of the execution ) with neat graphics. 

In APS , only the OpenMP inbalance is available as far as i know.  is there a way to get more info on OpenMP usage via APS ? 




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Hello Gabriel,

MPS also showed the time that was spent in OpenMP regions and overall statistics was not absolutely correct for the case when MPI communications were done inside OpenMP regions.

We think how to make it better in APS, so far showing only OpenMP imbalance.

BTW - for shared memory (non-MPI applications) APS shows serial (outside any parallel region) time metrics.

Thanks & Regards, Dmitry

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