What is supposed to happen when you start the auto-tuner?

What is supposed to happen when you start the auto-tuner?

So I've been having trouble OCing this new machine, its a p67 intel board with a i5 2500k. Changing the settings manually in bios seems to have no effect, so I'm trying the auto tuner.After starting it however, all that happens is the pc reboots, fans churn for a second, it beeps once, and starts over. I thought maybe it was part of the process, but it has been doing that for about 2 hours now, with no change.Doesn't seem like that should be normal...

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To be a little more specific.The motherboard is a DP67BG.The problem I'm having with overclocking, is that when it boots properly, there seems to be no actual effect.If I set the settings to something unstable, the system fails to boot, as you would expect. However, when the system does boot, testing the cpu yields the same results as it did before making any changes.The CPU under load performs at 3.39ghz. Change the settings too high, system fails to boot. But changing them to seemingly acceptable levels, and the system doesn't change.Right now, I have the multipliers for all cores set to 37 (with the default clock of 100mhz), but the system is still performing at the 3.39ghz it started at.Other than failing to boot when bad settings are given, and failing to boot at all during autotuning, there seem to be no other issues with the system.It runs at 26c idle, and 45-50c under full load, has never gone over 54c.This is a SS of the autotune log, it mentions a warning about a system hang, presumably the couple of hours I let it sit there wondering if that was normal.Any help or advice is appreciated.

Ok, so I'm still trying to get this to work, but I'm pretty sure I know what's happening now.As you can see above, the default turboboost multiplier for when all 4 cores are active, is 34, and is higher for less cores being used.I downloaded the intel turboboost monitor widget, with it I can see the speed spike up to 3.7ghz as the pc loads, but then once all 4 cores are active, it goes down to 34.So the system appears to be running at the default turboboost settings, the problem is those aren't the current settings.Either looking at the settings in bios, or on this program, it shows the multipliers set to 3.8 for all cores.So the mobo pretty much seems to just be ignoring my changes all together.wth?

Fixedapparently it was a problem with bios rev 2111, rolled back to 2076 and all is well.

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