importing a tb5/tb6 file

importing a tb5/tb6 file

I did a profiling on cedartrail platform (Atom CPU) using the SEP3.7. I now have the out.tb6. Is there a procedure to import this in the PTU and look at the hotspots/callstacks. There is an import option in the PTU but that doesn't seem to help me.


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Hi Sudhakar,

Unfortunately it is not possible to import .tb6 into PTU. But even exist such import won't give you callstacks in PTU.
I highly recommend you use Intel VTune Amplifier XE product that surpasses PTU capabilities in hotspots and callstack analysis.
Hope this helps.


I fully support previous answer.
Any real tuning work you do should be migrated to a real product that has official support.
Currently available public version of PTU does not have tb6 format support
that is why import option does not help you with tb6 files.
For supported files mutliple import options are described in the user_guide.pdf.

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