What is SEP?

What is SEP?


What exactly is SEP (Sampling Enabling Product) used by Intel PTU?

When does it get installed?
Is it part of VTune?

Why does Intel PTU need SEP, as shown in slide 29 of this presentation http://software.intel.com/file/1953 ?

How do SEP and the Intel PTU sampling driver work together (if they do)?

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SEP isthe software component that enables theEBS (event based sampling)feature in PTU and Vtune.
It is a part of both these products (included into their packages) so it is always installed if you follow the install procedure.
Slide 29 uncovers product architecture and does not make a lot of sense for end-users.
If you install only PTU then there is only one sampling driver.
If you decide to install on the same machine several products with the sampling capability
then it may happen that they have different versions of sampling driver.
In this case products/drivers co-exist with each other and as usually only one sampling collection at the moment can be running.
N.B. some parts/details of this presentation can be not up to date.

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