PTU 4.0 update 3 can't find license

PTU 4.0 update 3 can't find license

Hi, I'm new here and I am having a license issue with PTU. I am running 64bit windows 2008R2 on a dual processor Xeon x5550 numa system.I installed the 31 day trial version of VTune Amplifier XE 2011u1 in order to get a valid license for PTU. This was suggested on the PTU download page.I then installed PTU 4.0u3 and ran sepreg.exe -i which was successful.Whenever I try to do a sampling collection or any PTU feature I get this error:Error: A license for PerfAnl could not be obtained (-1,359,2).Is your license file in the right location and readable?The location of your license file should be specified viathe $INTEL_LICENSE_FILE environment variable.License file(s) used were (in this order): 1. C:\\Program Files\\Common Files\\Intel\\Licenses 2. C:\\Users\\Administrator\\AppData\\Roaming\\Intel\\Licenses 3. C:\\Users\\Administrator\\Desktop\\ptu40_003_win_intel64\\bin\\*.licPlease visit if you require technical assistance.I did not see any *.lic file after installing the VTune trial version. Where is my Vtune license? How can I get PTU working? Any help would be greatly appreciated.thank youDavid

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Hi David,

Usually when you register for the product evaluation (as you mentioned that you've got VTune Amplifier XE eval) - you are receiving e-mail from Intel Registration Center with the attached license file.
Have you got such e-mail?

Hve you open VTune Amplifier XE, collect and view simple experiment? (just to confirm that product evaluation itself is working)


I just looked at that email again and I see that the .lic file is indeed there. I will copy it to my PTU\bin folder and try PTU again... I noticed that VTune Amplifier XE would cause a machine check exception on proc 0 whenever I tried to open the help/about box. That is strange, but I will probably be doing most of my work using PTU anyway.thank youDavid

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